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「SEISHO Project Study」

This year's assignment research has been based on the data left behind by last year's graduates, and all three grades of this year's class have faced a variety of new challenges! The following is a li...


Aomori bankado

We cooperate with Aomori Bankado to sell health-conscious minor cereal rice. We also sell lunchboxes using cereal rice in Aomori City and offer take-away services. If you're interested, click here to check it out. record of activities 17 September At the Aomori Sports Square Wakuwaku Rando Students from Aomori Bankado and Aomori Commercial High School participated in the Aomori Marche! We gave a presentation on our research and sold a variety of cereal rice. Information about the cultural festival Aomori Bankado products will be on sale at the Seisho Festival on 14.15 October! The products to be sold will be published later!


Web page creation team

We are the group that operates and improves this website. The activities of each group are summarised in an easy-to-read format on this issue study page. The image below shows the actual page we created. We are working to make this website, which has been in operation since last year, more widely known to everyone, so please come and see it!


App Development Team

Programming education will become compulsory in primary schools from 2020, and programming will also be included in fields within information subjects in upper secondary schools from 2022. Therefore, a project will be implemented as one of the programming themes! In this initiative, high school students from the north-east of Japan will be able to understand the fun of programming through the creation of an app that introduces their home region, while also deepening exchanges across prefectural boundaries by introducing and discussing the apps they have created with each other. This time, the App Development Team used a software service called Appinventor2 to create an app that introduces local specialities, history and tourist attractions. By introducing the attractions of Aomori through such apps, the team will be able to communicate the attractions of Aomori to the younger generation through games and other means, using the familiar word 'app' rather than the difficult term 'information processing' for children, thereby contributing to the development of local society! This is the goal of our activities. The game currently under development is the programming mentioned above, so stay tuned for its completion!


Early childhood programming development

The group visits the nursery schools from which the group members graduated, with the aim of measuring the thinking skills of young children. As an activity, the children are asked to play picture shiritori. By measuring the time, the group teaches the concept of flow charts in programming and verifies the current level of the nursery school children's abilities. Based on this, the group is trying to improve their thinking and decision-making skills and have them learn information processing skills. The group is actually conducting activities by asking at Gaura Nursery School, Koyanagi Kindergarten and Aomori Tanaka Gakuen Authorised Children's School Aomori Chuo Junior College Affiliated Daisan Kindergarten.



Do you know about the BLUE LINK PROJECT? We are working with the BLUE LINK PROJECT to bring the appeal of Aomori indigo into people's lives. We want people to know a little about the Aomori indigo bra...


Taiwan Culture Festival

Activities at the Taiwan Festival ... Efforts to develop human resources for global business These activities are designed to help the next generation of students acquire knowledge and skills in import/export and distribution business to develop sustainable professionals, and to foster human resources with a global perspective who will establish themselves in the prefecture, build new business models that utilize the resources of this project, and contribute to the development of the local economy! Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


Meeting about Taiwan Festival

After the first Student Executive Committee meeting, each student is discussing for the next Student Executive Committee meeting based on the materials. April 28 Discussion in each section April 19 We went to the site of the Taiwan Festival to prepare for store design such as product display and venue design such as tent setup. All participating students measure the size of the venue. The size is like this. We are taking measurements to determine the placement of tents at "Station Park. We are measuring the size of each equipment in the "Startup Center" at the venue.


The Exodus Teachings, Part 1 to 2

May 8 Second delivery class The second delivery class was held by the coordinator (Ms. Tonozaki). The class consisted of reports from each department (General Affairs Department, Sales Department, Venue Maintenance Department, Public Relations Department, and Events Department), a review of materials from last year's "AOSHO Business Challenge with Taiwan" for the school's student commercial research presentation, and a lesson from Ms. Tosaki on how to proceed with business negotiations. Business Challenge with Taiwan 2022 Kickoff! Lecturer: Ms. Mayumi Tonozaki, Revive Inc. April 13 The 1st delivery class Ms. Mayumi Tonosaki, coordinator, introduced herself and explained about Taiwan in detail. Let's work together as one for the exchange with Taiwan this year!


Business meetings, etc.

6/29 Meeting with Panda Pom Pom about opening a stall at the Taiwan Festival Three students from the commerce course went to Panda Pom Pom for a meeting to discuss the opening of a stall at the Taiwan...


Guide to Taiwan Festival SNS

Click below to navigate to our social networking accounts! Welcome to Taiwan Festival Instagram Welcome to Taiwan Festival Tik Tok! Welcome to Taiwan Festival Twitter Welcome to Taiwan Festival Facebook


Student Executive Committee

7/3 3rd Student Executive Committee Meeting The 3rd Student Executive Committee Meeting was held at five schools (Hirosaki Jitsugyo High School, Kuroishi High School, Hachinohe Commercial High School, and Misawa Commercial High School), including Aomori Commercial, which will participate in the Taiwan Festival, to report on their activities. Business negotiations with exhibiting companies were in progress, and I got the impression that the contents of the meeting were much more advanced than those of the 2nd Student Executive Committee Meeting. With only 25 days left until the Taiwan Festival, preparations seem to be progressing well. I hope everyone is looking forward to the Taiwan Festival! 5/23 The 2nd Student Executive Committee Meeting Each school reported on their progress toward the Taiwan Festival. While the first meeting of the Student Executive Committee focused on what they were going to do from now on, the second meeting of the Student Executive Committee was to explain in detail what they had done so far and what they were going to do in the future, exchanging information with each other and deepening the relationship between each school. 4/26 The 1st Student Executive Committee Meeting Lecturer: Ms. Mayumi Togasaki, President of Revive Inc. We held...


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