App Development Team

Programming education will become compulsory in primary schools from 2020, and programming will also be included in fields within information        subjects in upper secondary schools from 2022. Therefore, a project will be implemented as one of the programming themes!

In this initiative, high school students from the north-east of Japan will be able to understand the fun of programming through the creation of an app     that introduces their home region, while also deepening exchanges across prefectural boundaries by introducing and discussing the apps they have   created with each other.

This time, the App Development Team used a software service called Appinventor2 to create an app that introduces local specialities, history and         tourist attractions.

By introducing the attractions of Aomori through such apps, the team will be able to communicate the attractions of Aomori to the younger generation   through games and other means, using the familiar word 'app' rather than the difficult term 'information processing' for children, thereby contributing to the development of local society! This is the goal of our activities.

The game currently under development is the programming mentioned above, so stay tuned for its completion!

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