Do you know about the BLUE LINK PROJECT?

We are working with the BLUE LINK PROJECT to bring the appeal of Aomori indigo into people's lives.

We want people to know a little about the Aomori indigo brand produced by Aomori Prefecture, so we are communicating about the BLUE LINK         PROJECT and the appeal of Aomori indigo through Instagram.

If you are interested, please follow us on Instagram and purchase our products!

research activities


14 June.

We visited BLUE LINK PROJECT, a local start-up and active in the local community.

We spoke to them in detail about their decision to start their own business and about the Aomori indigo brand.

We saw products that actually use Aomori indigo and were able to realise the appeal of Aomori and the appeal of working with passion in the     local area.


13 September.

In this activity, I participated in the harvesting of indigo leaves, which are necessary for making products using Aomori indigo.
I realised that a lot of time and people's thoughts go into making a single product.

It was a valuable experience for me to be involved in the production of products made from the local specialty, Aomori indigo, even if only indirectly!

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